When his sister is murdered in their rural North Carolina town, a bullied teenager who suffers from stress-induced blackouts resolves to hunt down her killer.

Reader Comments:

  • “The screenplay does an excellent job of establishing characters that feel real, honest, and sympathetic.”
  • “The dynamics at play between Dustin and his sister, his mother, and Frank are all layered with history and emotional subtext in such a way that speaks volumes for the capabilities of the writer.”
  • “The story has a few well-placed red herrings […] that can be recontextualized on multiple occasions as new information is introduced[.]”
  • “[T]he screenplay does an excellent job of guiding the reader along with Dustin’s thought process making his revelations feel like our revelations.”
  • “The screenplay has a strong tone and strong characters, and is clearly written by a capable and talented writer who warrants the attention of producers.”

-The Blcklst website

  • “Thank you for creating a story that is equal parts thrilling and suspenseful. I particularly liked the twist in the end as it was surprising and was also grounded in truth and believability. You’ve created a predator that’s also a character that you empathize with as he’s not merely the victimizer but a victim himself.”
  • “The concept is intriguing.”
  • “You have a knack for imagery.”
  • “Great job!”

-We Screenplay