How to Throw an Out-of-this-World Book Launch

1. Pick a phenomenal venue. We’re talking the kind of place where the owners and staff know you by name and have your favorite drink waiting for you when you arrive. Where the food is delicious and the service is just right. A place that fits you like an old shoe.

2. Be sure to have an amazing cadre of friends and family. You know, people who are happy for you and genuinely wish you well. Their smiling faces will really make your night – and make the photos look amazing. And on that note…


3. Find someone who can work magic with a camera. Like a wedding, a book launch only happens once…at least until the next, uh, book comes along. So be sure you document every delicious moment.


4. Oh yeah, be sure to bring your book. After all, it is sort of the guest of honor.

5. …And a pen. You, who have spent your life signing credit card receipts, will suddenly be asked to write your name in a book. A book that you wrote. To make it special. Enjoy basking in that feeling.

6. Show your appreciation. While it would be nice to shower your guests with Dom Perignon and caviar, it may not be practical. But they are spending their night with you to support you, which is invaluable. Do what you can to make sure their time is well spent. And be sure to say thank you.

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