Praise/Reviews for What They Don’t Know


Praise for What They Don’t Know

“An exciting adventure into the world of futuristic medicine where nightmarish consequences await. There are clever and unexpected twists and turns, mixed in with murder and romance, and believable characters that command our sympathies.” –Leonard Goldberg, author of The Daughter of Sherlock Holmes. 

“This propulsive, dystopian thriller thrusts you into a terrifying, futuristic medical world, and leaves you with an ending you’ll never forget.” – Sandra Block, author of The Girl Without a Name.  

 “Down a dark rabbit hole we go, following headstrong Cheyenne Rose and her need for the truth. This suspenseful tale is an anticipatory tale as much as it is a thriller. Intriguing and compelling, the story dares us to consider what kind of medical care we want for our nation and what we’re willing to sacrifice to have it.” – Nadia Hashimi, author of The Pearl That Broke Its Shell.