Lies That Bind

When a politician and single mother is appointed to the US Senate, she must hide the truth about a deadly accident in her past. But she’s not the only one with secrets, and as the web begins to unravel, she finds that much more than her career is at stake.

Lies That Bind is a female-driven psychological thriller with themes circling around shame and vulnerability: what we do to hide shame, avoid it, and generally deny its existence. And how this lack of vulnerability can undermine the best parts of life. 

Reader Comments:

  • “The screenplay was really interesting because it had wonderful plot twists near the end of the script that I just did not see coming.”
  • “I think that you did a good job with many aspects of the script such as character, structure, but that the plot, especially that final hook, was your strong point.”
  • “Your protagonist Emily is a complex person.”
  • “There were times when I mistook some of your brilliant plotting for plot holes, but as it turns out I was really wrong.”
  • “I thought the way you revealed […] was brilliant and well-paced.”
  • “There is a unique voice with this writer.”
  • “This will really stand out as a writing sample.”
  • “The Hook or Concept grabs the reader’s attention and holds it until the final page.
  • “[T]he end of the script is a real game-changer.”
  • “I think that this film will be talked about a lot simply because people will tell friends that the ending is something that they weren’t expecting.”
  • “This was a very impressive read.”
  • “Again, I was really delighted with how you approached the third act of this script. I thought I knew what you were doing and I was incredibly surprised. I was very happy to be wrong!”

-We Screenplay